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Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007 12:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark

me and Ayako-san.lunch buffet at Okura Hotel
orchids in the house
love this the most
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hi..long time no see..
ok to make long story short,this is my first time of going to homestay..
actually this is not the usual homestay i met my foster mother(Ayako) during my visit to sadou island in niigata.
it happens that being the unusual type of japanese,Ayako-san loves to have foreigner friends or what we call here in japan--gaijin(which,annoyingly means "alien" in their small,secluded community huhuh).
as i said this was the first time for me to visit japanese-style house,i didn't know what to expect,so i brought along my family album and some souvenirs for the family.
it turned out that Ayako's husband(whom i call papa) owns a cake house,and their house is not the usual japanese-style house but instead,western-style house with a combination touch of french and english interior..and the hostility was tip top..
this page is dedicated especially to my mom who shares the same hobby like Ayako,which is gardening,and i hope they can meet some time in future.. and to my younger sis who dreams of opening her own cake house one day...enjoy d pics!

Friday, 10-Nov-2006 13:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark

yeh2 excited
hehe mickey menyambut
bground castle tuu
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dh lame x update fotopages ni..
bak kate org jipon,hisashiburi desu...
k make d long story short,kali ni nye pics sbenanye di amik mase gi disneyland tokyo..
dah duk dua taun kt nihon ni br nk jejak disney...
yela dah jauh tokyo tue kan...kebetulan time lawatan sambil blaja tue area2 tokyo...ade satu ari free..
apelagi gi disney le...
dgn harapan ari skolah xde la rmi pon...huh jauh panggang dr api..rmi jugak..
satu ari mmg puas aa round spi ke mlm..
dh masuk autumn time tu so temanya pon halloween...enjoy!

Saturday, 26-Aug-2006 23:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
summer break_06:tokyo

mari menunggang anak rusa nani
kat tangga pon boley posing
muka lapar tunggu order
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Saturday, 26-Aug-2006 11:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
summer break_06:hiroshima + shikoku

ni la bgnn yg tinggal lps kena bom atom tu
agak2 leh ganti beduk time azan dak?!
dgn best nye sume ade lam gamba nih
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Saturday, 26-Aug-2006 11:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
summer break_o6:toyota + yuge + shikoku

eskrem name "never give up!"...mmg seswai sgtlerr..
kanak2 ribena @ tuan umah toyota
muka gembira + seksa nk abeskan eskrem hakhak
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